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Why are my offers not crediting?

This is the one question we get asked most frequently. If you have any questions that are not answered here, please feel free to contact us. Please direct all further inquiries to us via the Support button.

So, let's tackle this question. "Why are my offers not crediting?"

Offers can take up to one week or longer to credit. With that being said, freebie offers will generally credit within about 3 business days after completion. For shopping/trial offers, some can take up to 7 days or longer. In terms of freebies, we delete them from your pending folder after they have been pending for more than 3 days, so that you can try and redo them, if you'd like. This is totally up to you.

When you complete an offer, the advertiser gives us credit and then we in turn credit your account. We can only credit your account when the advertiser has first given us credit for the completion. We do not get paid unless the advertiser confirms the offer. We cannot pay you if we do not get paid. Offers are approved as the advertisers send confirmation.

Set-Up Your Browser Correctly To Accept Cookies And Clear Them!
Recently we've been hearing bad things about the Internet Explorer 8 browser (IE8). Apparently it may have negative results on your crediting. You should only use Internet Explorer browsers when completing offers. Make sure your browser is set to "accept all cookies." You can find this option by opening an IE webpage. Go to TOOLS and go down to INTERNET OPTIONS, you can delete cookies there on the GENERAL tab (you MUST delete your cookies at least once before every offer you fill out, otherwise your offers will not credit). Check your settings, over from general click on 'PRIVACY.' There will be a bar; pull it down from medium to accept all cookies.

We Only Make Money When You Make Money!
We want your offers to credit just as much as you do. When you see that an offer is still in your pending folder and did not credit for you, it did not credit for us either. We only make money when you make money.  In addition, you may have trouble with a particular advertiser's offers crediting, but this has nothing to do with SquishyCash. We can only provide you with the best tips and advice needed to have strong crediting results.

A Few Important Rules To Remember!
SquishyCash is a great place to earn extra free cash, but please remember to use accurate and true information when completing offers.
If you have completed a particular offer at another site, you cannot complete it on SquishyCash. If you are found to be duplicating offers, your account will be subject to termination.
Your account information must be accurate and up to date, otherwise your account will be terminated. If you mistakenly entered false information when signing up, please let us know so we can take the proper measures.
Only one account is allowed per household. If you know of another account that is signed up from your home, please notify us so we can take the proper measures before we discover the issue and choose to terminate both accounts. We allow you to sign into your account from a different computer than the one you signed up from, although this could cause your account to be audited and a copy of your state issued ID card will most likely be requested. A good policy is only to use your account from your home.
Proxy servers are not allowed on SquishyCash. In addition, never log into SquishyCash using AOL or Netscape, as these browsers work off of proxy servers. This may cause your account to be audited and even result in termination.
If you are using a web accelerator, please turn it off. It will have a negative affect on your crediting results.

Because of the cookie based tracking that our advertising networks use, some offers may not credit. No member has a 100% crediting rate. Of course, if it was up to us, every single offer you completed would go through, but unfortunately that is not the case.

Here are some reasons why your offers may not credit:
#1: You are already in the sponsors database. Your name, email, address, your phone number, or IP address.
#2: You do not have session cookies turned on. Our advertising networks use session tracking cookies along with IP address to track offers.
#3: You did not clear your cookies fully before completing the offer.
#4: The advertising network did not credit us for your lead for whatever reason they have. Usually it is because of #1.
#5: You did the offer already. Specific offers can only be completed and approved once.
#6: Offers are approved automatically. It is not a person approving the pending offers daily. It is an automated system. When you click on a banner, it has your tracking code for your SC username and offer ID in the link. The tracking code is passed back to us automatically from the advertising network. If it is in our report, you will be credited.

Remember that we want your offers to credit just as much as you do, because if you don't get paid then we don't get paid either! If you have any further questions that have not been answered here, please contact us via the Support button in your member interface.


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